29 Mar

bisque instead of sauce

http://profaceremotedatamanagement.com/blogs/wp-login.php My Friday night motivation (Butternut Squash Sauce) was too delicious to mix with pasta.

Yara Bisque instead.  Excellent decision.

Beni Mered IMG_1958

buy Lyrica from canada Changed one thing on this recipe: ground sage blended in vs fresh fried sage.

It is always fun to add new recipes to your normal dinner routine. Try adding vegan recipes once in awhile. You might be shocked that you love them.

Huge THANK YOU to every Vegan Food Blogger! I would be lost without you.

Talk to you over the weekend.


26 Mar

don’t be cruel

Once in awhile a tweet stays with you…

Realizing but not doing anything about it. That was me.

Check out this tweet…

There are some intense judgmental vegans out there. These two are positive. They are in it for EVERY animal. Consider following them if you don’t already.

I made a really tasty drink on Sunday…

Rasberry/Cranberry juice, Rasberry vodka, fresh lemon juice and diet 7up.


Hope you are having a great week! Talk to you soon.


21 Mar

wild pigs

I was driving home tonight and a wild pig ran across the street in front of me. Made me smile.

The first time I saw a wild pig he was laying in the back of a truck. I had no idea he was dead. I was sad. Story of my meat eating life. How could I be sad when I ate bacon? Hamburgers? Chicken Caesar Salad? Shrimp Scampi? Seriously conflicted.

The last time I saw a wild pig laying in the back of a truck I knew he was dead. Hikers were taking their picture next to the no longer breathing animal. I hoped his life ended as humanely as possible. I thanked God I stopped eating meat. No longer conflicted. Only sad. Is it OK though to be thankful the pig was hunted in the wild vs raised on a factory farm? UGH. Conflicted again.

If you stop eating meat will you be happier? Yes. I don’t know. Maybe. If you stop eating meat will you get skinny? Yes. No. I don’t know. Maybe. If you stop eating meat will the cumulative case of the willies go away? No.

So what did I have for dinner? Organic orzo with halved cherry tomatoes, fresh basil, olives, capers, a little vegan butter, olive oil and the juice of one lemon. No recipe.


What is my favorite new snack? Organic Pumpkin Seeds!


Talk to you soon.


19 Mar

peanut sauce

Before I talk about food I have to say something…

Pigs are so much cuter as pets than bacon.

If you don’t believe me follow Esther the Wonder Pig on Twitter and Facebook. ADORABLE. I wish I could meet her.

Tonight’s dinner (Thai Peanut Sauce with Crispy Tofu) was awesome.

I could not find sweet soy sauce so I googled how to make it:

1/4 cup soy sauce and 1/4 cup + 1/8 cup brown sugar heat to a boil for a few minutes then cool to thicken (next time I will use the real thing just have to find it!)


I will make this sauce again. And again. And again.



18 Mar

every day every meal

Vegan. Every day. Every meal. This is me most of the time.

How often are you vegan?


Mediterranean Artichoke Saute from the cookbook 1,000 Vegan Recipes written by Robin Robertson.


Short and sweet tonight.

Thanks for checking out my blog!