28 Jun

can you eat this

my blog Can you eat this?

where can i buy tinidazole over the counter I get that question so often.  I never know exactly what to say.  I stumble around and finally say something like…well no…sure but I choose not to…I am sorry but no….it looks really great but no thank you.

Just funny.

So much of life revolves around food. Obviously for me anyway. I talk about it all of the time! I used to love watching cooking competition shows…now they make me sick 🙁 One day it all just clicked. I see cruelty everywhere. I see a lack of compassion everywhere. I understand all of it though. I was the same way. I think we just get convicted at different times and at different levels. Any level that takes you to less meat and dairy is a good level! I am shooting for the great level. Takes time.

I made a very relaxing chopped salad tonight. Something about chopping all of your veggies is relaxing 🙂 I did not use the dressing and did not add dill or mint. This week I am trying to avoid all oils when possible. I found a recipe for a fresh raspberry dressing. I used 2T maple syrup instead of honey.

My dinner was the salad so it is OK that I at the entire thing! The dressing was good. Kind of tart which is why I added extra maple syrup. The picture looks like I am having a smoothie with my salad. It is the dressing 🙂



Talk to you soon.

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