10 Jun

veggie burgers

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her response Have you ever made your own veggie burger? I usually buy frozen but tonight I attempted to make them!

The veggie burger recipe I followed was posted by veganfoody. Such a great tumblr blog! Another great tumblr blog that has nothing to do with being vegan but has everything to do with the coolest dog is maddieonthings.  Check them both out when you have time.

Black Bean and Lentil Burger. Great flavor.  Probably should have flattened them more. The outside was nice and crispy but the middle was a little thick and mushy. Still really good.  I will make them again 🙂


My favorite condiment for veggie burgers at home is Curry Ketchup. I made a batch tonight and it will last all week. Your house will smell delicious while it simmers!

Curry Ketchup.


Sharing some beach views from the weekend.

Saturday – Three Tables

Saturday – Walk home from Three Tables.


Sunday – Trail to Kawela Bay.


Sunday – Kawela Bay.


Talk to you soon.

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