06 Jul

chocolate sundae

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Did you know you don’t need an ice cream maker to make ice cream? I had no idea it could be this easy. It is not your typical ice cream but it is so creamy you will think you splurged on the expensive stuff.  The topping took less than ten minutes and it is very good!

I made a double batch of the chocolate sauce using regular sugar. I have a limited kitchen as far as utensils/pans go. I own two big pots and neither is a saucepan. Sometimes a recipe is small so I need to double it so it doesn’t burn 🙂  In case you think I am a crazy person – I did have a saucepan but a couple of years ago my son took it backpacking and ruined it. When something breaks it takes me forever to replace it. Obviously 🙂

I used three bananas, one mango and full fat coconut milk for the ice cream.

My ice cream stayed the texture of a soft serve. Maybe because I threw a mango in there instead of another banana? Maybe because I used a different kind of coconut milk? Next time I will follow the instructions and see if it becomes more scoop-able 🙂 The taste and soft texture were tasty. The photo didn’t seem to appreciate it though! Looks kind of melted.

Notice my “vintage” scooper? It has been around since I was little. I love it.


Have a great rest of your weekend!

Talk to you soon.

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