03 Jul

motivated by mangos

furosemide 20 mg to buy Hi.

strattera online no prescription Do you have a great neighbor?  I do.

Do you have a great neighbor that has a big beautiful mango tree?  I do 🙂  And he shares (thanks, Thomas!).  Time to find a mango friendly recipe!  Most of my friends on Pinterest are not vegan but they pin great recipes.  Tonight I tried one  – California Quinoa Salad.  Lots of ingredients but only one of them was my motivation for making it. Mangos.

The mangos are definitely not the main part of the salad but they add color and sweetness! I love everything about this salad except the name 🙂

Should be called Hawaiian Quinoa Salad 😉

Sooo pretty.


This would be a great salad to bring to a BBQ this weekend.

Bye for now.

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