22 Jul

my Christian take on going vegan

Click This Link God gave us animals to eat. I truly believed that. I was vegetarian in my late twenties/early thirties because eating animals made me sad. I started eating animals again under the belief that it was OK since really “they” were meals from God.  (ugh…so dumb!)

buy synthroid online uk The other day there was a post from Vegan.com where the most common questions about going vegan were answered. One of the questions was “doesn’t the Bible endorse eating animals?”. A great answer was given. You can read all of the answers here.

I believe the Bible. What do you believe?

My go to Bible verse for the support of a vegan diet/lifestyle – 1st Thessalonians 5:21,22.

21. But examine everything carefully; hold fast to that which is good.
22. abstain from every form of evil.

Of course these could be the go to verses for life 🙂 But this is a blog about being vegan 🙂

The meat and dairy industries are evil. I will abstain. And it is OK! If you have any hesitations with your diet of meat and dairy please read Eating Animals or Bleating Hearts. I am forty nine and my life is peppered with meat, dairy, vegetarian, vegan diets. Took a long time for me to commit. Finally did because I pushed my sensitivities to the side and read books/articles/blogs.

Tonight was backwards. Usually I ramble after I share what I had for dinner 🙂 I had a black bean burger. It was great! The easiest recipe by far! Love the site happyherbivore.com! (I used bread crumbs instead of oatmeal).


Crunchy pickles and BBQ Sauce were great toppings. Did you know Kraft Original BBQ sauce was accidentally vegan?

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