09 Jul

salt and pepper tofu

http://na-who.com/http Hello.

i want to buy Dilantin So many recipes I want to try…just sitting there quietly in my cookbooks, Pinterest, Tumblr…

philadelphia dating russian service Mind boggling at times 😉

email from adult dating Tonight I made Salt and Pepper Tofu.

If you google Salt and Pepper Tofu all of the recipes are basically the same. The difference is usually with the sauce they pair with it. The sauces all sounded delicious but in the end I picked salsa! Easy since I have a huge container from Costco.

So simple. Four ingredients – tofu, salt, pepper, cornstarch. The frying was the hardest and most painful part 😉

This would also be an excellent appetizer with a really great peanut sauce!


Did you see the video of the elephant that was rescued after years of abuse? It was beautiful. To be honest I ignored the story based on the title all day yesterday. I love rescue stories and happy endings but I end up feeling guilty for the years I loved zoos and Sea World. My brother emailed me this morning with a link to the story. Had to watch it because…you know…I read whatever my brother sends me 🙂 Felt the guilt. Felt the sadness. But overall I was just happy!

It can be overwhelming at times thinking how I can make a difference. I think I need to balance my faith-family-animal advocacy evenly. They are all important. When I figure out how I can help animals directly I will let you know. For now I am diving into being vegan. Slowly getting rid of animal cruelty products. Blogging recipes I have tried – hopefully showing that cooking is easy and fun without meat and dairy.

Hope your week continues to be awesome!


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