05 Aug

seitan is what’s for dinner

see here now Hey.

linked here Having a great week? I hope so!

Love more. Help the homeless. Advocate for animals. Care more. Do more. These things just rumble around in my head all day every day. Rumbling comfortably. Not wanting to leave.

Trying to change that 🙂

There is a song called I refuse that challenges me…here is a sample of the lyrics:

I refuse|to make one more excuse|cause I don’t wanna live like I don’t care|I don’t wanna say another empty prayer|Oh I refuse|to sit around and wait for someone else|to do what God has|called me to do myself|oh I could choose|not to move|but I refuse

Feel like changing the world? I do.

But until then…tonight’s dinner was fried curry seitan with onions and quinoa. Tasty 🙂



Talk to you later.


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