29 Aug

vegan pigs in a blanket and encouragement

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description What is your favorite non vegan food? Is it holding you back from going vegan? Maybe this vegan.com quote will help…

August 26
If you could be totally vegan except for that one thing, then totally be vegan except for that one thing!

So many of us are all or nothing – can’t go all in then why go in at all?

Maybe that quote will help the next time you think you can’t possibly go vegan 🙂

My sister loves hot dogs. I wonder if she would go vegan if she could eat hot dogs? Not sure but in honor of the thought I made vegan pigs in a blanket 😉 I used Yves The Good Dog.


They were really good. For some reason the biscuit part didn’t cook all the way through. I flipped them over and cooked four more minutes. That is why you see the golden brown part on top, too.

Sharing a picture of a really cute and friendly chicken I saw on Kauai.



Talk to you more over the weekend!


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