29 Aug

vegan pigs in a blanket and encouragement

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http://popstoy.com/81723-zyprexa-price.html What is your favorite non vegan food? Is it holding you back from going vegan? Maybe this vegan.com quote will help…

http://bwupholstery.com/40414-buy-nurofen.html Vegan.com
August 26
If you could be totally vegan except for that one thing, then totally be vegan except for that one thing!

http://desantiscreative.com.au/67410-azopt-eye-drops-price.html contact So many of us are all or nothing – can’t go all in then why go in at all?

collect http://alesto.co.uk/81373-omnicef-cost.html Maybe that quote will help the next time you think you can’t possibly go vegan 🙂

buy antabuse paypal My sister loves hot dogs. I wonder if she would go vegan if she could eat hot dogs? Not sure but in honor of the thought I made vegan pigs in a blanket 😉 I used Yves The Good Dog.

description photo-12

They were really good. For some reason the biscuit part didn’t cook all the way through. I flipped them over and cooked four more minutes. That is why you see the golden brown part on top, too.

Sharing a picture of a really cute and friendly chicken I saw on Kauai.



Talk to you more over the weekend!


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