05 Oct

burger love

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cheap generic Keppra Looking for a new kind of burger?  How about making the Best d*m! vegan burger ever???

http://www.oneredeye.com/1009-dte32802-utica-ny-local-sex-dating.html This recipe lives up to the name!!!

Click This Link I am so thankful there are so many talented vegan chefs willing to share their recipes!

My husband said they were easy to grill. He also grilled the corn (wrapped the corn in foil with vegan butter and a little sprinkle of cayenne pepper).


I know going vegan isn’t on everyone’s to-do list but try these burgers anyway 🙂  Six out six of us tonight loved them!  My husband let the boys (my son’s friends) know that no animals were harmed in the making of tonight’s dinner 🙂  He will make such a great vegan one day…haha 🙂

Loving animals makes so much more sense when I don’t eat them.

Hope you have a great week.


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