17 Nov

butternut squash soup smells like the holidays

order accutane online Thanksgiving menus do not include soup – at least in my house 🙂

buy Lyrica tablets Times are changing. Tastes are changing. Thanksgiving is changing.

Nanchang Collecting lots of holiday recipes on Pinterest. Decided to try the butternut squash soup early. So easy and the ingredients include curry (I used 2t) and an apple 🙂

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I am always so thankful when a recipe tastes as great as the blog pictures!  I am talking about the pictures on hungryhealthygirl 😉 not mine!   Her pictures are beautiful.  Really the taste is just so good!  I prefer a thicker soup so I blended it just a little but you can adjust to whatever thickness you like.

All around great fun with this recipe that smells and tastes like the holidays!

Butternut Squash Soup will be served on Thanksgiving!

Hope you have a really nice week 🙂


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