09 Jul

salt and pepper tofu

http://www.new.grahamnunnpainting.com/26974-rosuvastatin-price-walmart.html correlate Hello.

retain lithium metal price So many recipes I want to try…just sitting there quietly in my cookbooks, Pinterest, Tumblr…

write atarax costo Mind boggling at times 😉

consider viagra price in pakistan Tonight I made Salt and Pepper Tofu.

asthalin syrup price contribute If you google Salt and Pepper Tofu all of the recipes are basically the same. The difference is usually with the sauce they pair with it. The sauces all sounded delicious but in the end I picked salsa! Easy since I have a huge container from Costco.

where did you buy clomid online So simple. Four ingredients – tofu, salt, pepper, cornstarch. The frying was the hardest and most painful part 😉

where can i purchase antabuse This would also be an excellent appetizer with a really great peanut sauce!


Did you see the video of the elephant that was rescued after years of abuse? It was beautiful. To be honest I ignored the story based on the title all day yesterday. I love rescue stories and happy endings but I end up feeling guilty for the years I loved zoos and Sea World. My brother emailed me this morning with a link to the story. Had to watch it because…you know…I read whatever my brother sends me 🙂 Felt the guilt. Felt the sadness. But overall I was just happy!

It can be overwhelming at times thinking how I can make a difference. I think I need to balance my faith-family-animal advocacy evenly. They are all important. When I figure out how I can help animals directly I will let you know. For now I am diving into being vegan. Slowly getting rid of animal cruelty products. Blogging recipes I have tried – hopefully showing that cooking is easy and fun without meat and dairy.

Hope your week continues to be awesome!


06 Jul

chocolate sundae


Hope your 4th of July was great!

Did you know you don’t need an ice cream maker to make ice cream? I had no idea it could be this easy. It is not your typical ice cream but it is so creamy you will think you splurged on the expensive stuff.  The topping took less than ten minutes and it is very good!

I made a double batch of the chocolate sauce using regular sugar. I have a limited kitchen as far as utensils/pans go. I own two big pots and neither is a saucepan. Sometimes a recipe is small so I need to double it so it doesn’t burn 🙂  In case you think I am a crazy person – I did have a saucepan but a couple of years ago my son took it backpacking and ruined it. When something breaks it takes me forever to replace it. Obviously 🙂

I used three bananas, one mango and full fat coconut milk for the ice cream.

My ice cream stayed the texture of a soft serve. Maybe because I threw a mango in there instead of another banana? Maybe because I used a different kind of coconut milk? Next time I will follow the instructions and see if it becomes more scoop-able 🙂 The taste and soft texture were tasty. The photo didn’t seem to appreciate it though! Looks kind of melted.

Notice my “vintage” scooper? It has been around since I was little. I love it.


Have a great rest of your weekend!

Talk to you soon.

03 Jul

motivated by mangos


Do you have a great neighbor?  I do.

Do you have a great neighbor that has a big beautiful mango tree?  I do 🙂  And he shares (thanks, Thomas!).  Time to find a mango friendly recipe!  Most of my friends on Pinterest are not vegan but they pin great recipes.  Tonight I tried one  – California Quinoa Salad.  Lots of ingredients but only one of them was my motivation for making it. Mangos.

The mangos are definitely not the main part of the salad but they add color and sweetness! I love everything about this salad except the name 🙂

Should be called Hawaiian Quinoa Salad 😉

Sooo pretty.


This would be a great salad to bring to a BBQ this weekend.

Bye for now.

28 Jun

can you eat this

Can you eat this?

I get that question so often.  I never know exactly what to say.  I stumble around and finally say something like…well no…sure but I choose not to…I am sorry but no….it looks really great but no thank you.

Just funny.

So much of life revolves around food. Obviously for me anyway. I talk about it all of the time! I used to love watching cooking competition shows…now they make me sick 🙁 One day it all just clicked. I see cruelty everywhere. I see a lack of compassion everywhere. I understand all of it though. I was the same way. I think we just get convicted at different times and at different levels. Any level that takes you to less meat and dairy is a good level! I am shooting for the great level. Takes time.

I made a very relaxing chopped salad tonight. Something about chopping all of your veggies is relaxing 🙂 I did not use the dressing and did not add dill or mint. This week I am trying to avoid all oils when possible. I found a recipe for a fresh raspberry dressing. I used 2T maple syrup instead of honey.

My dinner was the salad so it is OK that I at the entire thing! The dressing was good. Kind of tart which is why I added extra maple syrup. The picture looks like I am having a smoothie with my salad. It is the dressing 🙂



Talk to you soon.

10 Jun

veggie burgers


Have you ever made your own veggie burger? I usually buy frozen but tonight I attempted to make them!

The veggie burger recipe I followed was posted by veganfoody. Such a great tumblr blog! Another great tumblr blog that has nothing to do with being vegan but has everything to do with the coolest dog is maddieonthings.  Check them both out when you have time.

Black Bean and Lentil Burger. Great flavor.  Probably should have flattened them more. The outside was nice and crispy but the middle was a little thick and mushy. Still really good.  I will make them again 🙂


My favorite condiment for veggie burgers at home is Curry Ketchup. I made a batch tonight and it will last all week. Your house will smell delicious while it simmers!

Curry Ketchup.


Sharing some beach views from the weekend.

Saturday – Three Tables

Saturday – Walk home from Three Tables.


Sunday – Trail to Kawela Bay.


Sunday – Kawela Bay.


Talk to you soon.

06 Jun

cookies with a kick


Craving something sweet? With a hint of hot?

You need to try these cookies. I found the recipe on Pinterest.

They are called Mexican-hot-chocolate-snickerdoodles. I think the word hot is in there because of the cayenne pepper but to me they taste like hot chocolate!

So happy they turned out GREAT.


I really need to talk about something other than food. I will work on that 😉

Talk to you soon.


01 Jun

a different kind of coleslaw

Hello…Yeah, it’s been a while…Not much, how about you…

Crazy it’s been about a month since we last talked!

Do you like tattoos? Today I saw a guy with a huge tattoo on his back covering both shoulders…know what it said???

V E G A N…it said V E G A N!

It was a nice tattoo with what looked like leaves all around the writing. I have never seen anything like that before. My husband didn’t really comment except to say it was a nice tattoo 🙂 I know he thinks one day I’m going to go all vegan crazy on him. He is right but I will do it slowly so he has no idea that it’s happening 😉

Tonight I made a different kind of coleslaw. I made sure I had a pecan with every bite. I loved it.


Last week I made an avocado salad dressing (substituted agave for honey). The salad was a combo of lettuce, corn, black beans and chopped onions/bell peppers. The dressing made it a great salad. Very fresh tasting!



OK just because it’s been so long…here is one more salad from two weeks ago. The candied pecans were delicious. The salad was arugula, pears, mandarin oranges, candied pecans and my favorite bottled dressing – Annie’s Goddess.




Nice catching up. Talk to you soon!


01 May

a real happy meal

Do you think it is weird to eat something that looks and tastes like meat?

I do.

I mean…I did.

Tonight’s dinner – “Chicken” Fajita Tacos made with Beyond Meat.


Season the Onions and Bell Peppers with Cayenne Pepper, Chili Powder, Salt, Olive Oil.

Bake at 400 degrees for 20 minutes. Perfect.


Serve with avocado and lime.

A real happy meal! Who needs a toy 😉


Going vegan might not be a priority for you. I get it. Just try every so often to have a meat-free (and dairy-free if you want to go BIG) meal. I promise you will not hate it.

Remember to check out Esther the Wonder Pig.  Super cute!

Talk to you soon.

09 Apr

lentil soup

Hope today was a great day for you!

Homemade Lentil Soup. So much easier than I expected. Next time I will try to make my own vegetable broth. Tonight – vegetable bouillon cubes.


I found this recipe on Pinterest. I love Pinterest!

My family does not follow a plant based diet but they eat every meal I make 😉

Try this recipe if you love soup.  It is really good!


08 Apr

why not pets

Happy Meatless Monday if that’s something you do!

Sophie and Nani taking a car ride today. Always adorable.


Remember the Marinara recipe from last night? It was delicious tonight. So fresh and light.


Sharing a local news story: Bill would make eating your pet illegal in Hawaii

This topic may seem absolutely unbelievable depending on where you live. However, I have to wonder if you eat meat…why not your pet?

Too dramatic?

My whole life (with my vegetarian years as the exception) I ate meat. Lots of it. Not here to judge but if you are ready to consider the cruelty in your meal – I recommend the book Eating Animals.

Talk to you soon.